Sprucing up plastic shelves

Debut post 🙂

I got this plastic shelving unit at Goodwill a few months back on half-priced-everything day. It was buried in toys for a while, but then I started working from home and the kids (so graciously) gave up their playroom so I could have an office, so it now houses a lamp and a couple of paper trays.

But it just seemed so plain and boring, and one night I decided it was time to spruce it up.  I didn’t have any plastic spray paint on hand, and toyed with the idea of covering it with contact paper or decorating it with craft paint. Then I remembered some cute fabric scraps I had that were too small to use for much of anything and I knew that they would be perfect for lining these shelves.

I used hot glue and had the whole thing done in less than 20 minutes. It’s far from flawless, but that’s fine with me. If I’m working on something that will be frequently used or seen by many, then I’ll certainly do my best to make it perfect.  But it’s just not worth spending two hours on something that sits in a corner with files on it.

The ribbons weren’t in my original plan, but the edges of the fabric weren’t perfectly even and were fraying a bit.  But once I added them, I like ed how they looked.  Overall, I’m very happy with how this turned out – it definitely brightens up that little corner of my office.

COST – $2.00 (shelves), $1.50 (Fat Quarter – the top fabric, also used  here), $2.00 (the other two fabrics, which were remnants) TOTAL SPENT = $5.50


One thought on “Sprucing up plastic shelves

  1. Oh, that’s just adorable. I would have never known it was plastic! Excellent fabric choices.

    Thanks for your comment on the TP rolls 🙂 Also, for including me in your list of favorite blogs 🙂 I’m humbled.

    Since there is no GFC in wordpress, I’m going to add you to my reader list.


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