A Few Randoms

I thought I would throw together a few things that don’t really need their own post.

Butterflies –

I got these at a thrift store. They were an old goldish tin(?) and piled on a shelf with ugly brass stuff, and I almost missed them. When I saw them, I knew they could be made cute in a matter of seconds.

I spray painted them pink and then “lightly” spray painted white over top to add a little texture.

COST – .50 cents (butterflies) + spray  paint that I already had. TOTAL SPENT =.50 cents

Bag Pillows

These were my very first sewing projects, if they even qualify. The big one was a laundry bag that I got when the college supply stuff went on clearance in the late fall, and the smaller one was a reusable grocery bag from Dean’s Mediterranean Imports, a great shop at one of my favorite places, Findlay Market. The stuffing is from old bed pillows – I just threw them in the washer, then tore them open and filled the bags.  Then trimmed the drawstrings off the bags and sewed the one open side closed. Easiest thing ever!

COST – $4.00 (bags) + whatever the bed pillows originally cost, & thread. TOTAL SPENT = $4.00

Embroidery Hoops

I got this idea (like so many) from Pinterest. Of course, the picture I pinned was a whole wall of these, and I only have two (well three, but I don’t have fabric in the third one yet.) I got the embroidery hoops at a thrift store and spray painted them, and the fabric is two Fat Quarters. 

(Ignore the wall holes – I’m in the midst of rearranging our bedroom walls.)

COST – $3.00 (fabric), $1.00 (hoops) + spray paint that I already had. TOTAL SPENT = $4.00

Framed quote art –

These are some of my favorite things I’ve ever made. Believe it or not, they were the front and back of a gift bag* I spotted at a discount home decor store.  The flowers and butterflies caught my eye, and when I walked closer and read the quotes,** I knew they were far too pretty to stay a gift bag!  I got the frames from the dollar store and spray painted them. The pictures really don’t do these justice – not my part in them, but the beauty of the actual prints.

"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart"

"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yoursel to it" -Buddha

COST – $2.00 (gift bag), $2.00 (frames) + spray paint that I already had. TOTAL SPENT =$4.00

*if you look closely, you can see the grommets where the handle was attached

**I have a thing for quotes (even have a tattoo of one,) but only those that really speak to me. Which aren’t usually found on wall art or decals (there’s no  “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” above our bed or anything).


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