Thrift store chair

This one was a Goodwill find – it’s pretty shape caught my eye, but the faded fabric  and yellowing paint had to go.

I popped the seat off and found a few other (even uglier) fabrics beneath the floral print. I had recently picked up a can of turquoise spray paint for something else, and I thought it would be a great color to brighten this beauty up. As I dug through my fabric basket, I came across a pillowcase (also from Goodwill) that I bought  because it was just so cute that I knew I had to make something out of it. And it happened to work perfectly with the turquoise spray paint!

I love how it turned out.

COST – $4.00 (chair), .50 cents (pillowcase) + spray paint that I already had. TOTAL SPENT = $4.50


One thought on “Thrift store chair

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