Chalkboard Table for Two

This was one of the girls’ Christmas presents, and if I do say so myself, it was their favorite (OK, along with the silly putty.) I was originally planning on painting a giant chalkboard on the wall in my youngest daughter’s room (the bigger of the two rooms,) but the more I thought about it, I wanted to do something that a) we could take with us whenever we move and b) didn’t require spray painting indoors. So I decided to do a chalkboard table instead!

Of course, I forgot to take a before pic, but I started with an older Ikea table very similar to this one and applied 3 coats of Rustoleum chalkboard spray paint. I had bought two cans, but didn’t even use one (so I guess I’ll have to find something else to chalkboard-ize.)

Once the paint was entirely dry, I glued on the wood border, which I had purchased for a few bucks from Home Depot and painted pink. Although it looks cute, I initially used it to prevent the chalk from constantly rolling off the table.

The two green things are actually bar soap holders (from the dollar store), but they work perfectly for holding sidewalk chalk, and the eraser holder is a pencil cup (also from the dollar store). I used wood glue to attach everything to the table, let it dry overnight, and voila!

(One tip – if you do make a chalkboard, well, anything, it’s essential to firmly rub the side of the chalk over the entire surface once it’s dry, and then erase it off, before using it. It does say that on the can, but I just wanted to point it out – I almost missed it since I don’t usually read the directions on spray paint cans.)

COST: Table ($8.99), Chalkboard paint ($4.99), Wood trim ($3.00), Chalk holders, eraser holder, chalk and eraser ($5.00). TOTAL COST = approx. $22.00


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