Recent Roadside Finds

I’ve had some good luck lately!

In the past week (or so) I picked up this TV cabinet (soon-to-be my sewing/craft desk)

this nightstand (which I’ll be painting and using as an end table)

and this poster (perfectly clean, just in a cracked poster frame)

Then, a few nights ago I had the biggest chocolate craving ever and made a 11pm trip to the gas station for M&Ms. On the way home I spotted what looked like a large painting leaning against a trash can just down the road from our house. I stopped to check it out, expecting something ugly, but figuring that I could at least use the frame.

Instead, I found this – a Cincinnati map, circa 1933, titled “A New and Accurate Map of Cincinnati, the Queen City

The pictures aren’t great (per usual) and it’s rather dim and a bit difficult to read even in person. But the level of detail is amazing – each street is labeled, buildings are named, and the border is filled with renderings of Cincinnati landmarks and quotes about Cincinnati. It was made by two guys named John Becker and Stuart Ball, and oddly, the only thing at all that I’ve been able to locate online about the map is the copyright entry. I did find out that these two ‘gents went to UC, and even got to see their pictures in the 1925 University of Cincinnati yearbook.

The TV cabinet and nightstand are already undergoing my renovations, but other than perhaps a fresh coat of varnish on the frame, I’ll be leaving this one untouched!


2 thoughts on “Recent Roadside Finds

  1. Hi,
    I, too, “found” a circa 1933 “A New and Accurate Map of Cincinnati, the Queen City“ several years ago, buried in a box of books that I purchased at an auction… and absolutely love it. I’m curious if you were ever able to uncover any additional information / history on the map?



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