This Week’s Roadside Finds!

It was a good one!

First I found these plastic bread crates on the curb just down the street from my house. I have a few things in mind,, but would love to hear other people’s ideas!  I just know they can be made into something totally cool.

plastic bread crates

Later that same day I found this kitchen chair – clean and not a single thing wrong with it (except for the fact that it’s kinda ugly) – sitting on the curb a few houses down from where the crates were.

The next day I grabbed this…bench? foot stool? from the roadside. It’s really beat up, but regardless of its original purpose, it will make the perfect step stool for our bathroom. The one we have now is about 3-inches too short for K (who’s 3) to reach the faucet, so despite the fact that she’s a very proficient hand washer, someone has to turn the water on and off for her each time.

old step stool


Then, yesterday, I struck junker’s gold. The girls and I were headed to the vet to pick up the (insanely expensive) cat food that one of our cats must eat (and therefore, they all eat), when I spotted something sitting next to the dumpster in an apartment complex parking lot and swung through to check it out.

What I had seen from the road turned out to be junk (literally), but when I glanced behind the dumpster I found these two soon-to-be beauties.

old glider

glider chair

old baking rack

baker's rack

The only downside is that (with a small house and no garage or basement) we’re fast running out of room for all of my to-do projects. But I can’t wait to get started on these!


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