Decoupage Tray

Like the tile coasters, this is another project that you’ll see all over – a simple search will reveal endless ways to decoupage a serving tray. I found lots of ideas I love, but the mismatched patchwork version was my favorite.

I came across an old cookie sheet in a box of stuff I was going through and decided to give it a try. Of course, as I do with most of my projects, I jumped in headfirst without planning or preparing much at all. After washing the cookie sheet, I just started cutting out randomly-sized pieces of fabric and Modge Podging them onto the tray. After three coats of MP, I used an acrylic sealant to further protect it and add a glossy sheen.

I’m happy with how it turned out – I think it’s cute, and it’s hard and sturdy enough to actually be used. Although next time I’ll take steps to avoid fraying fabric and will plan things out so the fabric scraps don’t have to overlap (which gave it a bit of an uneven texture, and some pieces showed through others).

The tray (essentially) before

and after


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