Wobbly People – Kids Plastic Easter Egg Craft

A sampling of our plastic Easter egg collection








If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering what the heck to do with all of these empty plastic Easter eggs right about now. While they can be recycled (at least by our provider), here’s an easy craft that lets your kids get some more fun out of their plastic eggs once all of the candy is gone.

Easter Egg Wobbly People


Plastic Easter eggs

Small rocks or pebbles

Hot glue gun

Paint, yarn, tissue paper, googly eyes, etc.

Step 1: Choose Eggs

Feel free to mix it up by switching around tops & bottoms!

Note: if you have some eggs that open vertically instead of horizontally, I would encourage your kids to NOT choose these. You’ll appreciate this when it comes to Step 3.

Step 2: Gather Stones

You can use either small-to-average sized stones – or pebbles. Pebbles are easier to balance but stones are easier to glue, so it’s a bit of a wash.

If using stones, try to choose those that are relatively symmetrical and that fit nice and snug in the bottom of the egg. We got stones from the river rocks that surround our fire pit (the kind you buy in a bag from Home Depot) so we had a huge selection to choose from. If you don’t, you can make nearly any rock that fits in the egg work.

make weebles

Step 3: A Balancing Act

This is where you’ll hot glue the stones or pebbles into the egg to create the “wobbly person.” It’s easier said than done.

Before adding the hot glue, experiment to get an idea of what position the stone should be in to keep the egg somewhat upright. Obviously, after you add the hot glue, you only have a small time-frame in which to slide the rock around until the glue dries.

If you’re using pebbles, you’ll probably have to add a second layer of glue and some more pebbles, unless you happen to have particularly heavy pebbles.

Now’s not the time to be a perfectionist. As long as the egg didn’t immediately fall over, it was good enough for me!

Important! If you haven’t noticed, the eggs have a slightly-larger-than-pin-sized hole in each end, so be sure to set the egg on a piece of scrap paper or something when you add the hot glue, as a little bit will leak out. Onto your fingers, if you’re holding it (learned from experience).

If you have eggs that don’t stay shut well, add a touch of tacky glue to the edge in a couple spots and wipe away the excess. Or just use scotch tape.

Step 4: Decorate

This is the fun part! You can use paint, paint markers, permanent markers (I let my girls use Sharpies under close supervision), yarn, tissue paper, googly eyes – whatever you want! Tacky glue works best to adhere things, but regular school glue works OK as long as you hold the item in place for a minute.

My girls opted to go relatively simple with theirs.

Step 5: Play!

Once everything’s dry, these are pretty sturdy little things. Ours ended up getting a tour of the house, riding a cat, joining some Little People for dinner, going for a boat ride in a shoe, and who knows what else that I didn’t notice. 🙂

If you make these, let me know! I’d love to see what some other kids come up with.


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