Well, Hello…

If anyone still checks in here – thanks! I’ve been crazy-busy and thus MIA for a few weeks (although I did stay semi-active on Facebook). Unfortunately, the crazy-busy was mostly boring not-worth-reporting stuff, but we’ve had a few fun happenings lately.

First, Piper’s 5th birthday. I know every parent says this at every birthday, but I can’t believe I have a five-year-old! Seriously – anyone with kids will understand – it feels like, oh, maybe a few months ago when we were brand-new parents dealing with a newborn.

And now….

For her big birthday present I turned a flower bed in our backyard into her own flower garden. I have about the blackest-thumb there is (not to mention I just don’t like getting down and digging in the dirt) but she loves gardening with my parents. This flower bed has been pretty much neglected for the last few years, so I bucked up and weeded and mulched it, came up with some decorations, painted a sign, there ya go – Piper’s Garden.

(This picture is from her birthday, the day I finished it. It’s since gained a bunch of flowers and a few more decorations.)

For her gifts, we got her a bunch of just-her-size gardening stuff (shovel, trowel, hoe, kneeling pad, gloves, watering can, etc.) She just loved it all.

We’ve also gone to a few birthday parties, including a princess-themed one, and another with a Star Wars theme.

I accompanied Piper’s preschool class on a field trip to Lunken Airport

Of course there was Easter –

I saw the amazing Hunger Games with the BFF

Piper had her first horseback riding lesson (which went amazingly, considering she’s quit dance class twice and is terrified of everything from ants to getting her hair brushed)

I volunteered at The Crafty Supermarket

volunteer swag

And there was plenty of playing outside, in this amazing weather we’ve been having! Then yesterday was my birthday (sorry, no picture – we (I) went on a Goodwill shopping spree and then to a kindergarten parent-orientation meeting).

Other than that, Steve’s been working a ridiculous amount of hours, I’ve been busy work-wise too, and have also had a lot going on in my volunteer role as a CASA.

Thus, I’ve had very little time to work on projects lately (boo!). But luckily, I haven’t been too busy to accumulate lots of new stuff to work on! I’ve come across some great roadside finds, done plenty of thrift store shopping, discovered the amazing world of online estate auctions, and had a former co-worker/friend give me first dibs on pretty much everything she owns prior to an inter-country move.

I have lots to share, which I’ll do soon! You’ll also be treated to a guest post from one of my favorite mom bloggers, Melissa at MeloMomma.

So please stick around – I promise there won’t be any more weeks-long blog breaks!


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