4th Sundays MainStrasse Antiques

Yesterday I set up a booth at 4th Sundays, a monthly outdoor antiques sale in MainStrasse Village in Covington, KY. My Dad came along to help out, and sell a few of his own things, and Steve and the girls showed up later. It was the first time I’ve done something like this, and although there are a few things I’ll do differently next time, overall it went pretty well.

The Good:

  • The setting – MainStrasse is a charming neighborhood, and the sale took place along both sides of a paved walkway and was almost all in the shade. It was a really nice place to spend the day.
  • The crowd – I thought the event had a really good turnout! There was pretty much a steady stream of people from about 8:45 to 2:00ish, and many stragglers after that (it took place from 9-3).
  • I had put up a little sign at my booth mentioning my booth at the antique mall (and my Etsy shop) and I had several people ask where the antique mall was and say they’d have to come check it out.
  • I got to meet Judi Ketteler, who wrote Sew Retro. She bought a couple of my vintage jewelry magnets, and I complimented her on her super-cute bag that had a vintage hankie on the front. We got to talking, and she (completely unpretentiously) mentioned that she had authored a book and told me the name of it. I had previously heard of Sew Retro (and had added it to my to-read list) but had no idea the author was local! We chatted a bit – she’s very nice and wasn’t annoyed at all by my questions about how she made her bag, even though it’s one of the projects included in her book. I’m going to order Sew Retro from her website very soon!

The Not-So-Great:

  • The heat. It was a pretty, sunny day, and the first part of the morning was absolutely gorgeous. But later on, it got HOT. Even in the shade, it was to the point of being uncomfortable, and packing up afterward was not fun at all. Speaking of…
  • Packing & unpacking. Setting up my 10×10 booth at the antique mall took a lot of work, but at least I only had to do it once.
  • My sales. I talked to a few other vendors after the event, and it seems that no one did that great. I heard a lot of “people were looking, but not buying.” That said, I did sell enough to at least pay for the booth rental, which was my ultimate goal. I didn’t expect to make a killing, but it would have been nice to sell a little bit more (if for no reason other than to get it out of my house).

Overall, I’m glad we tried it. September is really busy for me, but I’d like to do another outdoor show in October – I just haven’t decided which one yet.