Side Table Makeover

(am I the only mom who can’t help but think of Blue’s Clues when I hear “side table”?)

So I got this little table off Freecycle – someone had rescued it from her neighbor’s trash, but didn’t have a need for it. I knew I could make it into something cute!

But my ideas don’t always work out the way I’ve planned. This is actually this table’s THIRD incarnation. I had first decoupaged a cool picture from a magazine on it – it looked good, but it wasn’t the best decoupage job, and when I decided to sell it, I couldn’t do so with someone else’s artwork on it. I’m going to stay mum on the second idea, because I’d still like to try it on something else – it was just going to take too long, and I desperately needed to get some finished pieces out of the house (and into my new booth at Riverside Center Antique Mall & Resale Center!)

First, I painted the table red, and that stayed the same throughout – I love the color, especially on a little piece like this. The top is decoupaged with vintage wallpaper that I actually found sitting next to someone’s trash can! There was a whole roll of it, and a roll of another print (not quite as cute.) I happened to drive by, and stopped because they had a little shelf thing sitting out too – I ended up passing on that, but scooped this up, and 2 minutes later it started pouring rain – whew! Anyway, I finished this off with a few coats of acrylic sealant, and distressed it just a tad around the edges to go with the vintage feel.

(poor lighting resulted in not the best pictures)