Guest Post from Melissa @ MeloMomma :)

Today my friend Melissa is swinging by to share a cute and simple craft idea for the younger kiddos. She blogs about crafts, recipes, and all kinds of other fun mom stuff at MeloMomma. She’s posts really frequently and I always enjoy what she writes about. Go check her out!
My son’s teacher assigned a family craft! We were to make an animal entirely out of leaves. It took a little thought from the four of us, but with a little guidance my son designed Rahh, the lion! Have fun and be creative!!!
What you will need:
Heavy books

Gather several different shapes of leaves.
Open a heavy book in the center and line the pages with newspaper.
Place the leaves on top of the newspaper. Be careful that the leaves do not touch.
Place newspaper on top of the leaves and close the book.
Repeat until al the leaves have a safe spot in the books.
Allow approx. 5 days to dry.
Remove the leaves from the books and design your leaf animal or creature.
It may be helpful to draw an outline before placing the leaves on to the cardboard.
I also recommend designing the creature and laying the leaves in place prior to to actually gluing them on.