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All of the completed furniture and home decor rehab projects (where I remembered to take a before picture) will be posted here. Click on the image to read the relevant post.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions!


Thrift store footstool fix-up

footstool collage


Old stereo speakers from the curb into multi-level cat tree


$10 craigslist dresser into chalkboard dresser


$4 thrift store shelves spruced up with fabric remnants


Old cookie sheet decoupaged with fabric scraps


Workshop stool(?) from the curb to kid’s step stool


Tree stump to little patio table


$3 thrift store chair painted and upholstered with a vintage pillowcase


Recent Posts

In Defense of Crocs

So, Crocs (the lightweight plastic clog-type shoe, not the animal) had their hey-day (quite?) a few years ago, and I’ve always been someone who thought they were ugly and couldn’t imagine wearing them no matter how comfortable they were.

Yea. So this past summer I was huge and pregnant and hot with swollen feet (and an aching back) that desired a little more support than what my beloved flip-flops could provide. And then I saw a pair of light pink Crocs in my size at a favorite thrift store for $1.50 and thought well – maybe I should give them a try…..just while I’m pregnant, of course, because it’s not like I was putting a ton of effort into anything else I wore at that point (or, who am I kidding? ever) and when I slipped them on in the store they were oh so comfy….

And I basically lived in them for….months. Let me tell you, there’s a reason these shoes were/are popular, and I think we can all agree it’s not because they’re stunningly stylish. My feet have never felt so supported yet free!

Fast forward to a month ago. Baby is born (um, she’s 4 months old) and I’m still spending a good portion of time in my light pink Crocs (I’d started wearing socks underneath them. Because it’s winter. Wow, I just realized how ugly/ridiculous this sounds/is).

Then one goes missing. (Only in this house can a shoe just up and go missing).

So when I just HAPPENED to come across a bright pink, Mary-Jane style pair, in my size, at that same thrift shop, well…..


Let’s just pretend I’m wearing them ironically, mmkay?

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