Roadside Finds

These are things that I found on the side of the road (or in some cases, in or near a dumpster.)

I haven’t included stuff that I got for free through other avenues (Freecycle, craigslist, etc.) nor the many items that I (painstakingly) had to leave behind because I just didn’t have a way to get them home.

While I absolutely love my roadside finds, my intent isn’t to show them off. By putting these pictures together in one place, I’m trying to emphasize just how many completely useable things people simply throw away. This is just what I – one person – found, within a couple Cincinnati neighborhoods. Pretty much all within the last year or so. And it’s not like I go out on huge search missions to find this stuff, either. True, I sometimes go down a few extra side streets, or  forgo the highway for a route through a residential area if I’m out and about on garbage-day eve, but that’s about it.

Please – instead of tossing that piece of furniture, ugly artwork, outgrown toy, etc., try to find a new home for it. Post it on freecycle and/or craigslist, ask family & friends, offer it up via Facebook, donate it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. While I understand there are some things that truly no one wants, there are so many discarded things that somebody else – whether a “junker” like me, or just someone who needs it – would love to have.

These are all “Before” pictures, and I’ll add links to the “After” shots as I finish things.

Some of these things are waiting to be fixed up, while others didn’t even need any work (other than maybe a good scrubbing).



times 2

bed elmo2


(click the image to read my post about finding these pics)



paper stuffburlap




tallshelfcabinetbirdbath & work tablesawhorsesmarbletableswhiteshelves

giant frame (I found it this color)

giant frame (I found it this color)

Amelia Earhart vintage suitcases

Amelia Earhart vintage suitcases

chromcraft chairs

vintage Chromcraft dinette chairs




vintage tacklebox


storage ottoman - other than the rip, it's perfect

storage ottoman – other than that one spot, it’s perfect

Uploaded 6.23.12 891

Radio Flyer trike

seesawUploaded 6.23.12 882strollerweddingbook


Yep, really. The worst part is that the guy was about to hack it up to put in his trash can before I stopped him.


       (the crates, not the stuff in them)

               (just the cabinet)

(it had the hardware when I found it)

old step stool

work-in-progress (was green)

old baking rackplastic bread crates

     Most Awesome Find – framed vintage Cincinnati map

the paint, not the wagon


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